Amicus Brief Submission

Amicus curiae means "friend of the court." Our Committee is a "friend of OACTA members." We evaluate appeals with an eye towards participating in cases that further OACTA’s mission of improving the administration of justice in Ohio.  We encourage all OACTA members to notify us of appeals satisfying this criterion.

While OACTA’s amicus program focuses primarily on Ohio Supreme Court appeals, we welcome requests for participation in cases pending before other courts that present important issues of Ohio law.  OACTA has filed amicus briefs addressing an array of legal issues, including insurance coverage, premises liability, employment law, products liability, governmental immunity, workplace intentional torts, tort reform, punitive damages, class certification, and the scope of consumer protection laws. 

How Members Request an Amicus Brief Filing

Requests should explain the legal issue on which the member seeks support, its importance, and how OACTA’s participation furthers OACTA’s mission.  The Amicus Committee evaluates your request and makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, which must approve OACTA’s participation in an appeal.  If the request is approved, the Amicus Committee retains an author, taking any recommendation you provide into consideration.  This process takes time.  If you need our help, please make your request as soon as possible.

Amicus requests do not cost OACTA members or their clients. OACTA amicus brief authors are compensated from the operating funds of OACTA.  The hard work and dedication of OACTA members makes the amicus program work.  We encourage OACTA members to consider authoring an amicus brief when contacted by the Amicus Committee.

Please direct your requests for OACTA amicus participation to one of the Amicus Curiae Committee Chairs:

Ben Sassé
Tucker Ellis LLP

950 Main Avenue 
Suite 1100
Cleveland, OH  44113
(216) 696-3213
[email protected]

Jennifer Nordstrom
Garvey|Shearer|Nordstrom, PSC
11260 Chester Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45246
(513) 445-3373
[email protected]

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