OACTA Annual Sponsors Are Here for You

The OACTA Annual Sponsors want you to know they are here for you. Our Annual Sponsors have provided several continuing education opportunities for OACTA members. 


For questions and inquiries related to COVID-19 or expert witness, forensics engineering, and scientific consulting needs, please contact Bette McKenzie 617-201-0074. 

Upcoming Webinars: 

The Care & Feeding of Your Expert - October 13, 2020 | 1:00 PM
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This presentation is a refresher for attorneys to illustrate—from the expert's perspective—the relationship between the attorney and expert in accident analysis and investigation.

Attorneys practicing personal injury or product liability law frequently employ technical experts to assist with engineering and scientific issues in their cases. The presentation will discuss the tasks performed during various stages of the engagement and litigation process, including discussion of inspections, incorporation of scientific literature, testing, and Daubert requirements. This presentation will also offer insight into the process that an expert uses and the resources that can support and assist the expert in providing the highest possible quality and a tailored approach.

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